Musée vivant

Making off the theatre piece Musée vivant. In which the muses of iconic European paintings question the representation of women in classical art.


Conception, artistic direction and costumes

Jessica Poirier-Chang

Tamara Nguyen

Marilyn Daust: Simonetta Vespucci
Tracy Marcelin: Eve
Marie Michaud: Museum Guardian
Maria Monakhova: La Buveuse d’Absinte
Eve Pressault: Artemisia Gentileschi
Danielle Proulx: Anna Akhmatova
Claudia Chan tak: Salome
Ines Talbi: Meduse
Chart Foo Tai Wei: The Shadow of Death 

Rehearsal director
Alexandre Marine

Stage manager
Pascale Bassani

Set Designer

Cédric Lord

Light designer
Lucie Bazzo

Sound composer
Brian D’Oliveira

Production Director
Guy Côté

Film director
Alejandro De Leon

Other work from this series

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